To Delineate Faith

It are those that can make sure that the lost souls that wander this earth of ours, can find redemption that should qualify them towards higher office.

There used to be this promise that a society made. Towards those folks who felt like they belonged in the warm embrace of their very own peers. A story of sorts, where hope was granted, and faith was given.

However, as dawnrise after dawnrise commenced. That hope, it became brittle. Almost as brittle as the leadership that once promised to lead mankind towards greener pastures.

And when that hope, the vestiges that still remain, will eventually collide with reality. The populace might no longer be willing to resuscitate the accord that underpins human civilization itself.

A society is meant to provide greener pastures, a brighter tomorrow. A grand deal for those who are willing to sacrifice, for the collective. For they understood that they could contribute towards something that would survive their very own limited lives. Their very own limited understanding.

For all Human beings are made of flesh, and blood, and bones. And we will suffer in this life of ours. We understood that we could band together, to make sure that the people that we love: in our hearts, in our homes, in our families.

That we could lessen the burden for them as they become, for we would suffer right now as we are. That there was beauty in suffering, that there was meaning in suffering. 

But look at us now, we have become a society where more and more people are convinced that time is against us. That the passing of time, has become a threat to our way of life, instead of an enhancement of it.

We have a responsibility towards ourselves, and those who will follow after. To create something that we can be proud of, to create something that we feel, that we can pass on, that which we are.

For it is not those people that have lost their faith, that should be judged for their wickedness. It are those that can make sure that the lost souls that wander this earth of ours, can find redemption that should qualify them towards higher office. 

That can raise the bar once more, that can make sure that greener pastures can become a reality. That that brittle understanding of hope, leadership, of a brighter tomorrow.

That it can rise anew, stronger and more beautiful than before. A story of sorts, where hope is granted, and faith is given.

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